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Jul 21, 2019
Thread or Post Spam: Spamming multiple threads on the forums will result in a warning or ban. This may include double threads & duplicate posts.

Inappropriate Content: Any content containing profanity, sexual content, drug use or glorification, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. is not permitted.

Off Topic: Off topic will be deleted in forums where it does not belong. This may result in a warning or ban depending on severity.

Bumping / Boosting: Bumping or boosting threads just to raise it in the forums is not allowed.

Harassment: Harassment of players, individuals, staff or moderators is not permitted.

Arguments: Arguments are not allowed on the forums. This includes, disrespectful comments, name calling, targeting and posts with malicious intent.

Debate & Politics: Don’t belong on the website.

Impersonating or Functioning as Staff / Moderators: If you believe there is an issue in a thread report it, it is up to Nightarchy to moderate posts. Impersonating staff members is not allowed.

Advertising: Advertising other servers, website, applications, discords, etc is not allowed. Posting about your Nightarchy clan or group is in the appropriate areas.

Ban Evading: If you’ve been banned from the forums on an account do not create another.

Giveaways: If you want to run a giveaway it must be for in game items only and rewarded only for Nightarchy related actions. Nightarchy takes no responsibility for player run giveaways and in no way guarantees their validity. Scam giveaways are also not allowed however (except for anarchy).

Staff Reports and Issues: Are not to be discussed in public, please contact us directly.

Threats: Any threat on the website will result in a ban.

Releasing Personal Information: Leaking or doxing publicly will result in a permanent ban. Joking is not a valid excuse here.

Trolling: Troll applications or appeals as well as posting may result in a warning or ban.

Hijacking Threads: Stay on topic. Taking over a thread for items unrelated to the original post is not allowed.

This is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.
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