SMP1 Launch


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Jul 21, 2019
The announcement that wasn't quite what it should have been!

That launch was a little bumpier than I had hoped. In hindsight switching to a proxy network, adding a world, launching a hub, changing permissions systems and integrating the player tracking / punishments was probably a lot to try to flip the switch on at once. For those of you interested in the technical side of all of this I'll have a followup coming soon.

Main Non-standard commands you need: /ll (claims), /ah (auctions), /pvp (turn on and off pvp). Rest of the commands here.


  • Q: Why Can't I break or build?
    A: You must claim your first land. Do this by using /ll shop to get claims and then /ll claim to claim the land you're staying on. Just head a little away from spawn and everything is good to go.
  • Q: Where does money come from?
    A: You can get money by playing, selling items in /ah, selling improved land to another player or voting for the server
  • Q: Is PVP allowed?
    Yes, and you can enable or disable it with /pvp toggle
  • Q: Are cheats allowed?
    A: No, not in any form on SMP1
  • Q: Where can I find xyz?
    A: Check the map.

Some General Thoughts

I realize that things aren't as intuitive as they should be. I will work on a solution for that which will probably include building in the protected spawn area with instructions.

I think this move rattled some people more than it should have. I want to state very plainly that I'm not changing how anarchy works other than how you log in. This has really cut down on the bots which I think most people are happy with. Probably less so if you're the one launching them but that's a different issue.

I know the initial reaction when you suddenly log in and there's this random hub you're not used to is to freak out. Just right click holding the compass and you're on your way to wherever you want to head. Believe it or not this really helps cut down on the lag and rejoin spam. Just a heads up those dupes don't work anyway.
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