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Jul 21, 2019
A take on survival multiplayer 1.12.2. This is not anarchy, please follow the rules :)

Playable on versions 1.9 to 1.14.4


A vast new world to explore and claim land for yourself. Trade with others and grow your empire or fight, but only if you want to (beware, you may lose some of your riches).


In game currency will be awarded at join, as special rewards and for time playing. The same currency will be used in game to sell and buy to/from others and to purchase claims. Claims will start off cheap and get more expensive per chunk as you claim more. Teleports may be frequent but travel isn't free. You must claim your first chunk before being able to build and mine in wilderness. Map resets will only occur at most once a year unless extreme circumstances and any reset will result in a full overworld download being available for no shorter than one month.

Please note, if you do not log in within 30 days your claims go up for sale!

There isn't a teleport cooldown, but travel isn't free! Don't worry though, you get paid to play and vote.

Commands (subject to change)

The main commands you need to know are: /ll (for landlord), /ah (for auction house) and /pvp.

Start off by buying a claim with /ll shop and grab a claim with /ll claim. Then the world is your playground.

There are a lot of commands overall but much simpler than it looks.

/ah cancel: cancel all your auctions
/ah expired: view expired auction items to return to inventory
/ah menu: open auction house in menu mode
/ah return: return any cancelled / expired items
/ah search: search for items in the auction house
/ah sell <price>: sell the item in your hand for the specified price
/ah sold: show recently sold items
/ah: open the auction house
/balance: check your balance
/balancetop: show the top balances on the server
/compass: get current bearing
/delhome: delete your home
/help: get a list of available commands
/home: teleport to your home
/ignore <playername>: ignore a specific player
/land addfriend <name1> <name2>: adds a friend to the land you’re in
/land addfriendall <name>: add friend to all your lands
/land advertise: list the land you’re standing on for sale
/land borders: toggle border highlighting
/land claim: claim the chunk you’re in or buy advertised or inactive land
/land claims: shows current lands and purchased claims available
/land help: show claims help menu
/land home: teleport to your home land
/land info: show land info you’re currently standing on
/land item: get the land management item
/land list: list all your lands
/land manage: manage the land you’re on, optionally do /land manage <landname>
/land manageall: manage all lands you own at once
/land map: display a map of claims around you
/land multiclaim: claim multiple lands at once
/land removeadvertise: unlist the land you’re standing on for sale
/land sethome: set your home land
/land shop: buy or sell claims here, claims sell for less than you purchased them for
/land unclaim: unclaim the chunk you’re in
/land unfriend <name1> <name2>: remove a friend from the land you’re on
/land unfriendall <name>: remove friend from all your lands
/link: link your minecraft account to
/list: list online players
/mail clear: clear you inbox
/mail read: read your incoming mail
/mail send <playername>: send a player a message, equivalent of email
/me: describe your current action
/msg <playername>: send a whisper or private message
/msgtoggle: opens or closes your private messages
/near: list nearby players
/pay: pay a player in game currency
/pvp <playername>: show another player’s pvp status
/pvp off: turn pvp off
/pvp on: turn pvp on
/pvp status: show your pvp status
/pvp toggle: toggle pvp status
/realname <nickname>: gets the player name of the nickname
/register: register an account on this website
/sethome: set your home for TP
/suicide: causes you to die in game, lose items and xp but respawn at your bed spawn or main spawn if you don't have one.
/time: show current game time
/tpa <playername>: request to teleport to a player
/tpaccept: accept teleport request
/tpahere <playername>: request that a player teleports to you
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