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Jul 21, 2019
These are guidelines for the Nightarchy network and not a comprehensive list. Rules are at the discretion of staff and moderators. This is not an exhaustive list, please use your best judgement.

These Rules Apply to All Servers Including Anarchy

Spam: Spam is not allowed on any server. This includes advertising other servers, repeatedly saying the same message, spam bots, link spamming or otherwise flooding the chat.

Language: Nothing overly offensive in chat.

Lag Machines: No lag machines or intentional damaging the server network.

Exploits: No intentional exploits meant to slow down or crash the game.

Leaking Information / Doxing: Leaking personal information is not permitted.

Threats: Any threats to players or others in real life. Threats to DDoS the server or any attack on the server network, staff or moderators.

Item replacements: Any items lost due to player or server action or error will not be replaced in most instances.

Staff Disrespect: Disrespectful chat or actions towards staff will not be permitted.

All Other Servers (in Addition to the Above)

Content: Please leave drugs, violence, death, politics, sexual references or other inappropriate content at the door.

Language: Swearing or offensive content is not permitted.

Harassment: targeting a specific player, being toxic towards them, etc. is not permitted.

Advertising: Advertising another Minecraft server, discord or non-affiliated links is not permitted.

Griefing: Griefing is not allowed. Griefing includes: obstructing the spawn or entrance, destroying end portals, griefing player contructions or plots, boxing in a claim intentionally, bypassing spawn protection, tp trapping, warp traps, etc.

Texture Packs: Any texture packs including XRAY functionality are strictly forbidden.

Third Part Alts: You must own your own Minecraft account, free or paid third party alts are not allowed.

Hacked Client: Hack clients are not allowed including any game or chat hacks.

Autoclicking: Macros, hacks, automatic actions of any sort not present in vanilla Minecraft are not permitted.

Exploits / Glitches: Using a bug / glitch to your own advantage is not allowed and may result in a ban. Please report any exploits.

Ban / Mute Evasion: Ban or mute evasions are not allowed and will result in a longer or permanent sentence.

Cheating: Cheating in any form is not allowed to include printers, bots, auto mining, fishing, etc.

Scamming: Scamming is not allowed however cross-server trades are not encouraged to begin with.
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