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  1. x64_starinnov

    Teleportation Cooldown

    For every person that thinks the TP cooldown should be lowered, there's another that says there shouldn't be TP at all and one that says this is fine. TP cooldown won't be changing in the near future. Balancing reasons are basically so people can respond to a raid etc.
  2. x64_starinnov

    Referral Rewards!

    The way this works has changed slightly, please check above. This month the giveaway is a $50 Amazon gift card.
  3. x64_starinnov

    Anarchy Server Timeline

    Only a waste of time if you didn’t enjoy the journey, opinions of others are just that.. opinions. Saying surprised that it looked like you quit over it.
  4. x64_starinnov

    Anarchy Server Timeline

    FWIW people were surprised you left over that. I don’t think you’ll ever get everyone to agree on a timeline. Like we never had a huge dip in active players despite what people were saying, more like a blip you can see on the tracking sites. And this will probably all become a sub-timeline in...
  5. x64_starinnov

    Referral Rewards!

    Congratulations @Andnopo and Alan_DJ, please ensure your accounts are linked to the website with /link and your month of Discord Nitro will be on the way!
  6. x64_starinnov

    Anarchy keeps crashing due to tesslation of a block

    I have successfully reproduced this on 1.13.2 at that location and will be investigating further. 1.14.4 does not exhibit the same issue, in the meantime please use another client version. This is most likely a bug in protocolsupport.
  7. x64_starinnov

    Anarchy keeps crashing due to tesslation of a block

    Vanilla textures etc no texture pack? Updated graphics drivers? What kind of video card do you have? I’ll check out that spot on the map but sounds graphics / driver related to me. You’re saying it only happens on Nightarchy?
  8. x64_starinnov

    Anarchy keeps crashing due to tesslation of a block

    Can you reproduce this in the vanilla client?
  9. x64_starinnov

    Referral Rewards!

    Introducing referral rewards! Where I give you real stuff for inviting people to the server. How it works: Use /refer new <playername> in the lobby to invite your friend Hang out in the lobby when they're joining Your friend will be prompted to confirm profit? Check your standing: Use...
  10. x64_starinnov

    SMP1 Launch

    The announcement that wasn't quite what it should have been! That launch was a little bumpier than I had hoped. In hindsight switching to a proxy network, adding a world, launching a hub, changing permissions systems and integrating the player tracking / punishments was probably a lot to try to...
  11. x64_starinnov

    The server has gone to shat with this new update

    It helps get rid of the bots, just right click with the compass and then click on the anarchy world. Not too hard.
  12. x64_starinnov

    SMP 1

    A take on survival multiplayer 1.12.2. This is not anarchy, please follow the rules :) Playable on versions 1.9 to 1.14.4 Concept A vast new world to explore and claim land for yourself. Trade with others and grow your empire or fight, but only if you want to (beware, you may lose some of...
  13. x64_starinnov Modpack

    x64_starinnov submitted a new resource: Modpack - Get what you need to play on Read more about this resource...
  14. x64_starinnov


    Anarchy is a game mode where almost anything goes. For more details check the rules. You will encounter both friendly and toxic players. Language is questionable and this world is only recommended for those ages 18+ with a willingness to put up with difficult conditions and offensive chat...
  15. x64_starinnov

    New Website Launch

    Welcome to the new website, please take the time to explore and read the rules. You can also link your Minecraft username with the website.
  16. x64_starinnov

    Server Rules

    These are guidelines for the Nightarchy network and not a comprehensive list. Rules are at the discretion of staff and moderators. This is not an exhaustive list, please use your best judgement. These Rules Apply to All Servers Including Anarchy Spam: Spam is not allowed on any server. This...
  17. x64_starinnov

    Website Rules

    Thread or Post Spam: Spamming multiple threads on the forums will result in a warning or ban. This may include double threads & duplicate posts. Inappropriate Content: Any content containing profanity, sexual content, drug use or glorification, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. is not permitted...